Dr Mark Johnstone.




Management of Endodontic Complications

– Tools and Techniques

This full day program will give participants the knowledge, skills and confidence required to manage stressful endodontic complications.


Preventative strategies and principles of complication management will be discussed for complications including fractured instruments, perforations and sodium hypochlorite injuries.


This will be followed by clinically relevant tips and tricks to reduce the stress of endodontic procedures, and will conclude with an in-depth discussion of managing the “hot pulp”. 


The day will end with a hands-on component, allowing participants to be some of the first clinicians in Australia to trial Kerr’s new rotary glide path file, the Traverse file, and the new Elements E Motion Endodontic Motor.


Participants are encouraged to bring pre-accessed extracted teeth for practice - In particular, molars and upper molars if possible.


Key Learning Objectives:

  •        Prevention and practical management of fractured endodontic instruments

  •        Prevention and management of perforations

  •        Sequel of endodontic complications

  •        Understanding of the importance of informed consent in endodontics

  •        Strategies to improve communication and avoid complaints

  •        Tips and tricks for access cavity design, instrumentation technique and difficult obturation scenarios

  •        Management strategies for the “hot pulp”

Course details:

Crown Casino - Crown Promenade entrance

8 Whiteman st, Southbank VIC 3006

The 'M' rooms - M11-M16


Friday October 11th 2019

Full Day Program 8:30am - 5pm (6 Sci CPD hours)

Morning/afternoon tea as well as lunch will be provided

Dr Mark Johnstone is proudly sponsored by Kerr Endodontics

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